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turning blog to book

  1. I have a blog on a sailing adventure we are doing, when finished, I would like to publish to a private book for our family. I had planned on using Blurb, it now appears to be not working with wordpress.

    So, can anyone suggest other alternatives?


  2. You could try Lulu -

  3. yeh try lulu

  4. Does allow you to import your blog? I can't seem to find that option.

  5. has a way to import (and .org) blogs.

  6. Hmm..interesting tool toni, although I wouldn't use it to make an ebook (it's not worth it to me to pay $10 for an ebbok, when I could make one for free).

  7. This reminds me. I should give another go to see if they can better handle the .xml formatting generated by export feature.

  8. Update: has indeed improved and its finished product is quite good. I've just published my PDF which contains blog posts, images and comments since Nov 3, 2006 .. all in all 83MB / 1873 pages US Letter size.

  9. Wow, someone's been busy typing. Good job. Although, it looks like you can (with some technical no how and elbow grease), do that without the need to use that service, as they seem to only use FLOSS tools. (With that being said, it's sort of like using, as apposed to

  10. Well I have tried using an open source XML editor Syntext Serna 4.2 and it reported numerous syntax errors when opening WordPress exported XML file plus this is a very new thing for me to digest. If you have any recommendations to an alternative free or paid service or application that allows me to import my XML file and lets me edit before publishing it in PDF that would be awesome.

  11. I'm sure a LOT of people would be interested in this.

  12. No kidding!

  13. So far, BlogBooker delivers a fantastic job with limited customization. Just a year again when I tested it, it was quite good but nowhere near what it's capable of today. I suspect that if I ever want (or have the budget to send such huge PDF to be printed into a real book, I would want the ability to edit the pages to get rid of stuff such as unnecessary white spaces etc. I don't think the publisher would go to such extend to do this for you.

    I have added the above download link in an easier to access page

  14. I think lulu might do that for you, but I don't know, as I haven't dealt with them yet. I'm glad you're happy with the output though. :) It really is amazing to see the raw amount of text in book form that comes out from blogging. (I'm only 97 pages into my 'book', but am still amazed).

  15. If you're interested in print on demand, once you've got it to PDF, you can approach Friesen's, which is an excellent printer just getting into print on demand.

  16. Essentially if you have no control over the document you place a great deal on the publisher without the comfort of knowing what you're going to expect. Although if someone is going to do the hard work of cleaning up the pages for me that's not a bad thing. Imagine how great a gift this would make if printing cost isn't prohibitive.

    The one thing to be expected from "blog-books" and I think if it takes off in a big way, we'll see a new generation of publications that tolerate spelling and grammatical errors. I know I haven't diligently checked all my posts because I try not to be clinical about my posts.

  17. Thinking about this a bit more and taking one step back, who better to offer this Blog to PDF service than WORDPRESS. Given their on-going momentum to be the definitive or "bad ass" blogging platform, folks are in the best position to offer this and it would allow users to configure what to include and what to leave out etc.

  18. Why do you send them a little nudge about this?

  19. you know, I have a suspicious feeling that this will be a plugin for the wordpress software before it comes to With that being said though, I do agree, turning a blog into a book makes much more sense at the platform level, rather than just exporting the XML file, and running that through things such at LaTeX (with a simplified UI).

  20. WP debuts a lot of features on before they're released as plugins for .org blogs, so maybe they'll do that for this.

    Does anyone know an ebook platform that supports embedded media? I don't think PDF will include videos, will it?

  21. @raincoaster: PDF files can include javascript, so I'm fairly certain it will be possible to embed media somehow.

  22. Cool, that would make embookable! I'll give it a try. Of course, I expect to have to edit every single damn shortcode, but oh well.

  23. I've never seen video on a PDF though. Let us know what happens raincoaster, I'm very intrigued if it will do that.

  24. A quick google search brought this up:

    Although, it looks like it has the person adding videos individually. If I had more time on my hands, I could possibly make a script to put it in wherever there is the shortcode...but I don't have that kind of time at the moment.

  25. While these blog-to-book tools are great - I'm having trouble having my images show up. ie. they don't show up.

    I've got a blog hosted on
    My images are all rgb jpegs.
    The images seem to be marked as a "gallery" - does that have anything to do with it?



  26. @dkyy
    (1) You have failed to either link your username to your blog or to post the URL for the blog in question. Please understand that we cannot help if we cannot view the blog. It's easy to link your blog to your username. Dashboard –> Users –> Your Profile. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Website‘ and fill in the address of your blog and then click ‘Update Profile‘.

    (2) You have "hijacked" this thread by posting an off-topic question into it that does not relate to the subject matter in the thread. Please, please do not do this. You have an issue with images and you need support so please start a new thread on that subject.

  27. Timethief
    what a strange reply. my blog is private - which is why you can't see it. i'm not hijacking this. what would you suggest that -- I don't think anything is my posting was off-topic.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate their comments.

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