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    I’ve been blogging for a few months now, gathering a bit of a following and I’m ready to change the layout of my blog to make it look more like a website.

    I understand this might require me to pay for a new Theme or something.

    I’ve worked out how to use Catagories for a Custom Menu for people to look at Posts about specific topics, but I’d really love a Menu where there’s a drop down list when you hover the mouse over different parts of the menu. For example, to hover over the “New Music” tab to see a dropdown menu for a dropdown menu with “Australian”, “Independent”, “Electronic”.

    I want to get my blog looking slick, so that you can’t see “Catagory Archives: New Music” at the top of the page when you click on that Catagory in the Custom Menu. I don’t want the Tags and Catagories visible at the bottom of posts.

    I want a home page that looks like a home pages, that navigates you to featured parts of the site, rather than I chronological list of all my posts.

    I realise these might be some advanced web design processes but I’m determined to make my blog look better!

    Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

    Cheers, Harry

    The blog I need help with is flashbangers.com.



    a) Dropdowns in a custom menu are created as shown in this screenshot:

    b) You can’t remove the category headings or the tags at the bottom of each post without the paid Custom Design upgrade. Re the category headings in particular, you might consider switching to a theme that displays no heading – see here:

    c) You need to create a suitable intro page in Pages > Add New, and set your front to display that page in Settings > Reading.


    Hi I would like to the same. I would also like to have second page (like the main one) where I can put the news of the day. If I pay for th upgrade, will it allow me to do that?



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