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turning off and on comments

  1. I've figured out how to allow and disallow comments for individual blog posting. But is there a way to turn off and on comments for the whoel blog all at once. Like if I go away for the weekend and just want to turn off comments so I don't have to worry about them, can you do that.

  2. Greets:

    Dashboard -> Options -> Discussion -> Allow people to post comments on the article

    Hope this helps,

  3. Is there any way to modify the CSS (I've purchased that option) so that the comment icon and text is...

    1) Only shown if there _is_ a comment


    2) Not at all (I'll probably dissalowe comments on my blog)

    Btw I'm using the SImpla template.

    Any and all input appreciated.
    Thank you

  4. That's that I'm aware off. The pic is coming actually from the theme files and those are not editable.

  5. Aha!

  6. not so good and plowing through the written material (tho I've tried) and can't find instructions to turn comments back on for an individual post. I wrote one blag that, to me, mysteriously has the comments turned off and I'd like to turn them back on. can anyone help?

  7. Edit the post and look at discussion on the top right. The option should be in there, assuming that you have the main comments option set "on".

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