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turning off email notifications for my blog

  1. how do I turn off email notifications for my blog temporarily, I need to move/add a bunch of pages

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Pages don't go out in Notifications anyway, only posts do, so it shouldn't make any difference.

  3. pages/posts semantics, I need the question answered because I moving posts to pages and pages to posts and I don't want notifications sent since it is existing content, so yes I need to turn off notifications so when I move posts they don't get emailed

  4. I would like to know also, because I'm getting bombarded with email notifications. It would be nice to be able to disable this. I can check on the activity when I log into wordpress. I'd rather do that then have the congestion in my inbox. If anyone knows how to disable notifications, instructions would be appreciated.

  5. @ophelea23
    Pages and Posts are not a semantics issue. They are different.
    Pages don't have RSS feeds only Posts doand raincoaster, who has been answering questions here with me for over 6 years (years longer that most support staff have been on staff), provided the correct answer.

  6. @renatembell
    Your issue is not the same issue. Please click this link and start your own thread re: disabling email notifications.

  7. timethief,

    Instead of getting a professional answer I got a snotty response from raincoaster. I need to know how to turn off notifications for posts and I typed pages since I am in the thick of it moving pages/posts. Ideally the support would assume the best intention and not assume I am some stupid bimbo and tell me pages don't notify, but if you mean posts then do xyz. But clearly raincoaster assumes I am stupid. That pissed me off and it was not helpful or supportive.

    So I still do not have my question answered on how to turn off email notifications for my blog.

  8. So I still do not have my question answered on how to turn off email notifications for my blog.

    There is no way to do what you want to do, aside from pulling the follow blog widget out of your sidebar. Doing that simply stops any new subscribers from using it to sign up to receive your posts, not pages. As the follow blog widget is only for those who wish to subscribe to receiving your posts and not your pages doing that is pointless. Pages do not have RSS feeds and no one can subscribe to receive your pages by email via the follow blog widget.

  9. You can make the entire blog private temporarily, if you wish

    If you follow your own blog then you can unsubscribe here!/read/edit/ so you don't receive notifications of new posts. However, as your say "I need to move/add a bunch of pages" and not posts both of those acts will achieve nothing.

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