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Turning Off Snap Previews

  1. Ok, so the Snap previews were a nice surprise... initially... but about 5 minutes later they got very tiresome.

    Is there a way to turn them off?

  2. If you go to your ADMIN => PRESENATION => EXTRAS you should find a checkbox to turn them off for your theme.


  3. Yes. When you're logged in, go to Presentation > Extras. You can uncheck the option to "enable Snap Preview Anywhere on this blog"

  4. Thanks for the quick response!

  5. Also, you can disable them for yourself on other sites that you view if you click in the top right-hand corner and set the options that way.

  6. That link doesn't work in older browsers by the way. I can't access it in Netscape 7-7.2 and have to go to the snap site directly to click on the turn off link.

  7. I lost my previews?? How do I get them back. I still have the box selected in the Extras. What now?

  8. I believe you'll have to send a feedback into staff and have them assist you. But you might try un-checking and re-checking the box prior to sending the feedback in. :)

  9. I know how!

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