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    I’m having trouble with turning a specific page to a link on my Triton Lite theme. I search online to even know how to code in a hyperlink for pages. What I discovered was to simply use this code name and put it in the page title. But, when I did it the page title was not aligned with the other page titles on my blog.

    Here is an example:

    The blog I need help with is missanalvomit.com.



    You create a custom menu and add a custom link to it.
    For details on custom menus see this post of mine:


    That was a little helpful, but it’s not giving me a solution on how I can turn my page in the nav bar to a hyperlink to another website. Can you help me with that?



    You don’t turn the PAGE into a link to another site. You just put the link to the site in the custom menu and it goes directly there.


    That is understandable, but I’m still confused on how to do that. I need detail. I won’t to turn the page title to a hyperlink. I use the code <a herf=””, and so forth. Then put it in the tile box where you create a page, but the it did not work properly. You will see the picture in the post before a example of what happened when I used the code. Now, the custom menus I’m still a little confused on how to work. In detail if you can explain how do I do that..



    Then if you want to be specific, give us the specific link you are trying to insert, starting with http.


    Never mind, I just figured it out [laugh]. Thank you guys!!

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