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Turning spell check off permanently

  1. Is there any way to turn off the spell checker so that it goes away? It annoys me to no end, since I use many non-English names and words and inevitably every other word is underlined in red dots as I go. I have it turned off in my browser settings so I'm pretty sure it's the WordPress spell check that is irritating me.


  2. The WordPress spell checker is turned on/off by clicking on the spellchecker icon.

  3. Yes, but it only works for the text you've already typed; it doesn't stay off permanently. I want to make it go away permanently.

  4. It's probably the spellchecker in your browser. Go to preferences and turn it off.

  5. I have turned off spellchecker in the browser (see initial post above).

  6. My WordPress spell checker only comes on when I click the icon. Click again to turn it off and it stays off. Permanently. What browser are you using?

  7. If your using Firefox it has spell checker built into the browser
    and it appears that the spell check option can not be turned off.

  8. I use Safari sometimes and Firefox sometimes, on an Intel Mac. :-(

    Maybe it's a Mac thing.

  9. Ah teck07, thanks for the info re: Firefox. It is the browser I use the most.

  10. You're welcome! gretak,

  11. If it is Firefox's spell checker, you can right-click (or the mac equivalent) and add words to the dictionary (useful, if you have repeated names). In Firefox 2, at least, there's an option for "check my spelling as you type" in the advanced options, if it gets too annoying.

  12. Just to re: point this this out it appears that
    you can not disable spell check with Firefox 3,

  13. Hmmm, something is definitely wrong with FF 3. You can deselect the "check spelling as I type under preferences > advanced in the browsing section, but it still seems to check spelling.

    A bug me thinks.

  14. I've now upgraded (finally), and unchecking that does seem to turn off spell-checking, but only after you reload the current page or go to another one. I'm on Windows XP, which might make a difference.

  15. Ah, I didn't think of reloading the page. I can confirm that reloading the page works in Mac with FF 3.

  16. Oops my mistake I didn't see the option to turn off Spell check with
    FF 3 I restarted my browser and the option appeared must be a bug with

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