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    Is there a way to post, without it showing the date of posting? I ask because I often want to put my posts in a particular order other than by date of writing, which isn’t important to me.

    Thanks in anticipation – cus I know how good you lot are! :D


    The blog I need help with is 3arn0wl.wordpress.com.



    Some themes display the date and some don’t but for blog posts there is always a date in the URL. Note that you can edit the date on the Write Post page to put posts in any order that you want.



    Hi Raincoaster.

    Yeah, I’ve been moving posts around freely for a while now.

    So there’s no easy way, short of changing themes, to take off the date? Ah well. It was worth asking.

    Thanks for your help. :)



    Yes you can remove them with the custom design upgrade by CSS editing. However, in some themes that results in removing other metadata as well.

    CSS editing is theme dependent. In some themes, dates, categories and/or tags etec. cannot be hidden independently, as they are in the same selector as the other meta data elements such as author and perhaps even the “leave a comment” link, which means if you hide one, then you hide them all.

    Also note the mucking about with datestamps after the posts have been indexed is not advisable and this is why > http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2011/08/05/avoid-creating-404-pages/



    :) Thanks thistimethisspace. I’m not overly worried about 404s – I don’t expect many people read what I’m writing anyway!

    And thanks for the idea about CSS editing – though I’m a coding numpty, & that is way beyond my capabilities.

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