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[Tutorial] How to boost your wordpress blog traffic and readers!

  1. Ok now here is my tutorial for how to boost your wordpress blog traffic and readers!
    Hope you guys enjoy it and remember to comment on it!

  2. Hmm how can I edit this topic?
    Anyway heres the article;
    Everyone wants to taste success of a popular blog but its not easy to acheive this. You need to be dedicated and daily update your blog with new and usefull content. Commonly blogs about politics, gaming, technology and celebrities are going to be very popular. Blogs about youself, gardening, holidays etc.. are going to be less popular as not as many people want to know about that. Blog success for different people means different things for example for you it might mean getting 100 people to your site on one day where as for me it might be to get 15 comments on my blog today. I have developed a list of things I think will help you to get more traffic to your site and hopefully will work for you!

    Ok so the first thing is to get on other peoples blogs and get posting on there to get yourself known, try to post on blogs similar to your own as theres a better chance of people visiting your site from your posts that way,

    Next is to try and do link exchanges, with wordpress theres a blogroll feature where you can put in other peoples links and link of to there site from yours so try and do a few of those with different people again with websites similar to yours.

    Make sure your blogs dont go of topic! If you write a 5,000 post that goes on about pointless and random things that have happended to you people who enter on this page will take one look and be out of there! So Keep it as relevant and short as possible.

    Try to get your readers involved with your blog, If you have wrote about what happend to you at the end of your post say something like ‘Post similar stories about yourself in the comments’. Make blog polls this gets readers invovled and they return for poll results etc…

    Visit popular forums and post around on there whilst leacving a link to your blog in your signature this sometimes generates traffic if the forum is along the same subject as your blog. Theres no point going on a active gaming site advertising your gardeneing blog!!!

    Dont make a blog with 1 or 2 articles and then expect the whole of the world to visit it! The more articles you post the larger your blog will become. You will need to have about 100 Articles before traffic really started to roll in. Also dont just make a article thats about 2 lines long and has little detail readers want good content! Make sure all your pages are usefull very oftern readers come from search engines and dont come onto your homepage so be aware that any guest can stuble upon any page!

    Finally i would suggest getting a good set of meta -tags as they will help you in search engine rankings and get you a lot of traffic. Mostly all off your blog traffic will come from search engines once you get big. We get 70% search engine traffic so its important that all our tags are correct!

    Thats about all for now!
    Good Luck Guys!

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