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Tutorial on how to update a Gallery

  1. I followed the excellent instructions at to create a gallery but I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to a) add an image to pre-existing gallery without re-uploading all of them, and then I also wanted a separate post for each image so I could tag and categorize them. I did figure it out (with the help of a friend) and I documented it so I wouldn't forget how to do it next time! Might help someone out so here's a link to the tutorial:

    At the time of this writing my instructions were created using WordPress 3.0.4.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The very best tutorial I have read is by JustJennifer, once o the forum Volunteers and it's located here. > gammagirl -Not the Official Gallery FAQ. >

  3. @nosillacast-New Gallery information is always welcome, but in the tutorial at podfeet there seems to be a misunderstanding of what a Gallery is. The tutorial there shows you how to upload and insert unattached images from the Media Library in a Post, but I don't see where it's using the Gallery feature itself.

    @tt-thank you. :)

  4. @justjennifer
    I noticed the same thing too. I find your tutorial to be very helpful. Thank you for it and you're welcome. :)

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