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  1. I want to eliminate borders around columns in the premium Modern News theme. I have the CSS upgrade. Is this doable?
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  2. Certainly! To remove all of the borders around the content and columns in the Modern News theme, you would want to check out the original theme CSS, copy all of the selectors with related borders, and set the border to zero. In Modern News, the border between columns is setup with a background image, so you can set the background for those instances to none:

    #home-top .border,
    #home-middle .border,
    #sidebar .widget,
    #sidebar-alt .widget,
    .sidebar .widget-wrap,
    #footer-widgets .wrap {
    	border: 0;
    .content-sidebar #inner,
    .sidebar-content #inner,
    .content-sidebar-sidebar #inner,
    .sidebar-sidebar-content #inner,
    .sidebar-content-sidebar #inner {
    	background: none;
  3. Awesome, thanks

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