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    Dear wonderful designers at WordPress,
    I use Patricia Muller’s Connections theme and it works mostly very well for me. However, I have four suggestions for improvements.

    1. After the category list for a post, the (edit this) highlight is not separated by a space. Therefore, it looks like: Afghanistan(edit) instead of Afghanistan (edit). –This shows up more in the blog than it does in this message.
    b. Separation of category and function would be even more clear on a new line, such as:

    2. Now that we are in months with more letters, the date extends outside of the date highlight box on the post title line. It is not a problem in May, but it is in September. So September should either be Sept. or the box should be longer.

    3. The highlight color does not differ much from the plain text color, and a little more contrast would be nice.

    4. I would love to see a three-column Connections theme.

    I do not plan to change themes, but I thought these comments might be helpful to Ms. Muller (whom I do admire for her work) for this theme and to many designers for other themes.

    That’s all.
    Ya’all do a great job for us out there. Thank you very much for the opportunities you provide.


    Yup, I just checked a friend’s blog and you are right. It’s worse with Safari than with Firefox (don’t have the PC running at the moment).

    When support opens, contact them with your comments.



    If your blog is not hosted at, you can change the template yourself. And you can certainly contact the designer directly, as I believe there’s a link to her site in the footer, although only staff can change the themes they have here.


    I just checked at and it appears as if Patricia has fixed it on the theme that can be downloaded and used on software.

    [Edit she has gone to three letter month designations (ie Sep, Dec, etc.).


    I like tihs post and used it at my blog: The one thing that I think looks quite out of kilter is the “search” wideget which is aligned and fonted differently than the rest of the second column. I also would like customizable colors in te background and in some areas. I would also do away with italicizing block quotes which is somewhat hard to read on IE.

    That all said, I do generally love it and am so happy I switched to this host from this rather decredpid movable type interface I once used.



    I’m not using, but I got 3-letter months by using “M j Y” as my default date format on the settings page. That gives you month and date on one line, year on next line. At least it fits in the box. My blog:

    That said, I’d still like to get in the day of the week and a timestamp…



    Er, that’s options page, not settings. Sorry bout that.

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