Tweenty Eleven showcase-templet won't work with minieleven

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    Tweenty Eleven mobile theme showcase-templet show up wrong
    Blog url:


    Can you please provide a little more information? What is showing up wrong exactly? What URL are you viewing?


    I can’t show, its on my android – can’t make screenprints there.. But I use the tweentyeleven showcase templet (, and I made an empty page called home. On the web, no problems.

    On my phone view, I cant see the newest post, but insted the menue, the heading “home” (cause that’s what the page is called) – and that shouldn’t be there, and then my widgets, wich is ok!

    So something goes wrong between the tweenty-eleven showcase-templet and the minieleven.

    Does that makes sense?



    Is there any improvement if you enable the mobile theme at Appearance -> Mobile in your blog’s Dashboard?


    Yes – somehow its changed and everything is nice! Thanks (whatever happend)



    You’re welcome!

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