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Tweet button on wordpress

  1. How do I customize what tweet goes out when I hit the twitter button in wordpress. all I want to do is change it so when someone hits the share twitter button it redirects to my twitter handle and not wordpress twitter handle. thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thanks! one more question if you get the chance. What if I don't want tweets posted for me? if i post something after enabling the publicize feature will it post to twitter every time I update my blog?

  3. Yes, if you enable Publicize that's exactly what it's for and what it will do. I don't like robot posting and always post manually. People can tell.

  4. yeah so I think I should just install a plug in. I don't want auto posting on twitter. I just want to have my handle in the automated tweet produced when someone hits the twitter button.

  5. You can't install plugins on The Twitter button is a standard button in your Sharing options.

  6. I know. I'm going to host it somewhere else eventually and add plugins. there are ways to get the tweet button on there without the sharing options also. I just found a few places.

  7. I am afraid I don't know what you're talking about. There are dozens of social sharing plugins, but you can't get people to tweet it if you don't use a tweet button.

  8. it's ok. thanks for your help though. I wasn't saying don't use a tweet button i'm saying you can use something else besides the sharing stuff without plugins.

  9. to tweet and share on g+

  10. thanks for your link though! I will def use it for something else I have.

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