Tweets generated from official tweet button display HTML for special characters

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    Whenever anyone tweets on of my posts using the official tweet button, any special characters (specifically ‘&’ and ”’) show in the generated tweet as their HTML character code rather than the actual character.

    For example, this recent post title:
    “[Audio] Kill Me Softly & Jane Elizabeth Hanley’s ‘Catch’”
    becomes this tweet:
    [Audio] Kill Me Softly & Jane Elizabeth Hanley’s ‘Catch’: via @electronicrumor”

    This isn’t an isolated event, this happens all the time, and, frankly, it’s a disaster.
    Once allow linking to Google+ Pages (which they’ve said is on the way) I was intending to move all my publicity publishing over to WordPress’ Publicize feature (I currently use to push to Twitter and Facebook), but if all my post title get pushed as, essentially, gibberish (to those not versed in HTML), there’s no way I’d let WordPress handle that.

    There may be a setting somewhere I’ve missed, but I had a good old hunt around for some reason and couldn’t find anything.

    Due to the nature of my writing ‘stopping using special characters’ isn’t an option (I need to differentiate between ‘and’ and ‘&’ and insert titles in-between single quote marks)

    Does this happen t anyone else?

    The blog I need help with is


    Well, interestingly WordPress’ forum managed to convert the HTML in my post describing bad HTML appearances into it’s actual characters. LOL
    The tweets actually look like this:



    Hi there,
    I don’t get it. Why are you including special character in posts titles if you know they are problematic? I have healthy blog that gets traffic from search engines so I never use any special characters into post titles or tags for SEO reasons.



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    Hi @crash,

    Currently, it looks like that title is coming through fine when I tested it on my side using a test Twitter account and Publicize as shown here:

    What Twitter client are you using to view the tweet?




    That’s really weird.
    I use TweetDeck mostly, and it happens all the time there when someone Tweets one of my posts from the Twitter button on-page.
    The reason I started this thread was because a couple of my readers pulled me up about it, citing it happening on, which I confirmed. So it’s not just the way I view, other people see it too.

    It’s actually just happened in the last few minutes. Here it is on, TweetDeck and the official Android App:

    I understand what Timethief was saying about titling best practices affecting SEO (although, what she was saying is actually quite disputed amongst SEO professionals) but SEO isn’t a big concern for me right now, not as much as content.
    What I don’t understand is this only happens when using’s on-post Tweet button. My content is pushed to Twitter using, and titles show up perfectly via that method, or posting a link via HootSuite generates the title just fine, so it’s technically not a problem.
    It’s just this one method of Tweeting that causes problems.


    I’ve just had a thought.
    I post using Windows Live Writer, is it possible that delivers the title in such a way that it doesn’t make the title clear?
    Gonna test something….


    Yup :-(
    It seems that Windows Live Writer delivers the title as HTML, which end’s up being fine almost everywhere, but not that tweet button.
    On wordpress’ post edit page, if I re-write out the title and save in then Tweet that it’s fine.
    So I guess it’s nothing at you guy’s end then, and if i want to keep using Windows Live Writer (which I do, unless anyone has any alternate recommendations ;-) ) I have to edit every single post title on-site after posting. Which is gonna’ be a pain in the arse. Hey ho… LOL


    Hi @crash – Ah yes posting from an outside program can cause that sort of issue. I’m glad we were able to determine the cause. I use iAWriter, but then copy the HTML and paste into WordPress to publish so I don’t think I have a viable alternative to Live Writer. You could check out DraftIn. It is web-based though not a standalone program.

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