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    Hi there, I have problem fixing the size of images from URL.
    When I set the size of images in the editing panel e.g. 120×180, they all seem to fit right. But when I return to the site, the proportion will change according to their original (example here:
    I realize that this problem can be solved if I copy the images directly from the post (like this: But then there will not be any frame/highlight when I hover over the images.
    Appreciate your help, thank you! :)

    The blog I need help with is



    thanks airodyssey, for suggesting the article.
    Though this is not exactly what I’m looking for, still a good article to read.
    Thanks. :)


    Are you complaining that you’re seeing all the images larger, or that some are shorter than others?


    Hi panaghiotisadam.
    My problem is that even when I set all the image sizes e.g. 120×180 in the editing panel, they still look differently in size in the real page
    Example here:


    Hi, but your “look differently” doesn’t answer my question or add anything to what you had already told us. My question was: they all show up large (in which case you have a browser problem, 99.9% Explorer) or some of them are 120×180 and some are shorter?

    I will assume you mean the second, so as not to waste more time. The original images are in various sizes and in different aspect rations. They are uploaded to photobucket, not to your blog, so WP cannot automatically distort them for you. What you should have done is edit them in an image editing application to turn them all to the same pixel dimensions then upload them to your blog instead of photobucket. What you can do now (always assuming that what you really want is to distort them, so they all appear in the proportion 120/180 although actually they aren’t all so) is switch the editor to HTML and change all the image codes from this:
    <img ETC ETC ETC
    to this:
    <img style=”width:120px;height:180px;” ETC ETC ETC`


    <img style="width:120px;height:180px;" ETC ETC ETC

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