Twenty Eleven Can't set Featured Images

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    The Feature Images only work intermittently. Sometimes it works beautifully on one page, but can’t set it for the next page. Is there a particular sequence of steps I need to follow? I have made certain that I am UPDATING the pages after I select the images.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Since your blog is private, it’s difficult to tell what the problem could be. I am tempted to ask you to report this to staff directly (since they can view your blog and find out what the problem is)… except of course if another volunteer has an idea.


    I am using 2011 and i can see my featured image in the ‘preview’ post. when i view my blog, it’s not there. if i click the post title link, it’s there (but there’s no “HEY, there’s a featured image or ANY image here for that matter, if you click the post title!) does anyone know what gives?
    am I doing something wrong?

    TIA for any advice!



    @missycreative: I am not familiar with Twenty Eleven featured images specifically, but I found this thread and hope that some links within will be helpful:

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