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Twenty Eleven: Custom CSS Edit Box Is Blank

  1. Hello,

    I have the upgrade, and have made numerous changes to the CSS. The last update I made according to the Revisions listed, is May 31. That sounds about right.

    I just opened the CSS tab in my dashboard to check something, and it is blank. None of my edits are showing. I have NEVER changed the setting from "Add my CSS to..."

    I use Firefox 12 on a Mac, there are no changes or additions to my browser, to my computer. Yes, I've done the cookies and cache dances, and rebooted.

    How do I see the edits I've made, again, in the Edit box? I can click on one of the revisions listed, but that doesn't give me anything in the Edit box. It is all blank.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I just checked through Safari and Chrome, and it is working... the problem is with Firefox 12. The entire dashboard is unresponsive in Firefox 12 - clicking on Help, Screen Options, trying to change a post/page from Public to Private... nothing happens.

    I'll upgrade to FF 13 and report back.

  3. I updated to FF 13, and it still happens. I disabled all add-ons, and it works properly.

    I'll mark this resolved, and try to figure out which add-on is causing problems. None of them update automatically, and nothing (other than Firefox 12 to 13) has been added, changed, or deleted, which makes it a bit difficult, but...

  4. I had to disable AdBlock Plus on, and now all is working again.

    (Talking to myself has been interesting...) :-)

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