Twenty Eleven: Custom Design Fonts Not Working

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    I have the Fonts upgrade (and CSS) – when I click on Custom Design in my dashboard, it shows the fonts I have chosen. When I click on Edit for the fonts, nothing loads… it shows only “Theme Font” for each selection, the drop down boxes do not work, and I cannot see or change anything.

    In case it is related, as I posted here my CSS Edit box is blank – none of the edits I have made are shown.

    I use Firefox 12 on a Mac. I have done the cookies and cache dances, and rebooted. There haven’t been any changes or updates to my computer or to Firefox.

    (The upgrade is good through April 15, so there is plenty of time remaining.)

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    I just checked through Safari and Chrome, and it is working… the problem is with Firefox 12. The entire dashboard is unresponsive in Firefox 12 – clicking on Help, Screen Options, trying to change a post/page from Public to Private… nothing happens.

    I’ll upgrade to FF 13 and report back.


    I updated to FF 13, and it still happens. I disabled all add-ons, and it works properly.

    I’ll mark this resolved, and try to figure out which add-on is causing problems. None of them update automatically, and nothing (other than Firefox 12 to 13) has been added, changed, or deleted, which makes it a bit difficult, but…


    I had to disable AdBlock Plus on, and now all is working again.

    (Talking to myself has been interesting…) :-)

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