Twenty Eleven Featured Image Problem

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    I just switched from Duster to the new Twenty Eleven theme. For some reason I set a featured image for a post, make it a sticky, and the image is not showing up on featured area. It’s completely blank.

    Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is


    The sourcecode of “Ice Cream Summer Lovin” shows no trace of a featured image. Perhaps you forgot to click Update after clicking “Set as featured image”? Check the post editor and see if the image shows up in the Featured Image module.


    I have a featured image on there now and it still isn’t showing up. There was nothing wrong with it before I switched over to the Twenty Eleven theme. Any ideas?


    Now I’m seeing a closeup of an icecream with pecans for the first sticky and a closeup with raspberries for the other. If you’re not seeing them, try clearing your browser’s cache. (What browser and version are you using?)


    how do you clear your browser’s cache? Oh great…do you think it is because I’m still using windows 7? How to I update this?


    a) See here:

    b) Windows is your operating system, not your browser. I guess your browser is Explorer. If so, google for and download a decent browser like Firefox.



    To find out what browser and version you have simply click this link and it will tell you what you are running
    To update your browser click here

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