Twenty Eleven – infinite scrolling footer covers entire lower third of display

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    Please don’t consider this so much a complaint as a suggestion, something to take into account when testing whatever the next bugfix release of Twenty Eleven rolls around…

    When a user is on a mobile device with a relatively small display, like an iPhone, and holds it sideways/landscape, a blog using Twenty Twelve with the infinite scrolling feature enabled (default setting) will appear like this:

    This results in poor usability, as the user suddenly has difficulty both reading the blog content and swiping to scroll…it becomes very easy to unintentionally click one of the links in the footer itself.

    When the footer can’t be displayed horizontally on a single line because there is insufficient space, perhaps it should not bump down/up to a second line to display itself. Either some of its content should be sacrificed off-display, or its font size should be reduced to fit. Allowing it to expand vertically like this seems sub-optimal.

    I realize that landscape iPhone browsing (in the iOS default Safari browser) may not be the most common mobile demographic, but surely there are a considerable number of people who do this so I don’t think it’s an insignificant use case either, right?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I’m sorry that it took us so long to respond to your question. Unfortunately I could not recreate the issue you described. Does the error still occur for you?



    Howdy! This should now be fixed — the footer should appear at the very bottom of the site when browsing on small screens and mobile devices, to save space and prevent it from appearing over your content. If you have further problems, please feel free to create a new topic! Thanks!

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