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    The home page of my blog only shows the links for older entries on the bottom of the page. In all other pages the links are shown on top AND on the bottom.
    Can this be fixed ? ie, may the first page also have the link for older entries on the top of the page ?
    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Pedro. Are you talking about the fact that when you view the home page, there is a sidebar (with the recent posts widget), but when you view a post, there is none? That’s how the theme is designed.



    Most themes do have sidebars on every page but as airairodyssey points out Twenty Eleven does not. Only a few themes do not have sidebars when viewing single posts and pages on their own pages. See here >

    It’s also wise to know that when a blog displays widgets on each and every page there are two factors to consider.

    (1) The more widgets there are on a any page the longer that page takes to load. Studies show people click out after waiting only 3-4 seconds. Moreover page loading time is a page ranking factor. So if you choose a theme that displays widgets on every page then make sure you have set the number of posts displaying on your front page to a low number, consider inserting “the more tag” into the posts displaying on your front page to reduce page loading time.
    > Settings > Reading
    see also >

    (2) If you choose a theme that does display widgets on every page in the blog then the best advice is do not install any decorative vanity widgets. Install only those that direct visitors to content found deeper than the front page in your blog


    I think we are talking about different stuff.
    When I see my blog’s home page (via, the link to go to the previous post (in portuguese “artigos anteriores” translates to something like “older posts”) is on the bottom of the page after the comment “zone”.
    If I click that link, I will go to the previous post. In this page, the same link (older posts) is now on the top as well as on the bottom. Along side it the “next post” is also shown.
    What I would like is to see the “older posts” link on the top of the page in my home page, like it is in every page except the home page.
    Is this possible ?


    Any news ?


    You can’t change that unless you buy the Custom Design upgrade.

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