Twenty Eleven menus (r there only 2?) are not working

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    First, are there only two menus in Twenty Eleven? Does the “Home” button count as a menu, because I apparently overrode it when trying to create new menus. The sample on the menus support page shows Twenty Ten with many menus on the bar below the header picture

    I tried to add a navigation menu on Twenty Eleven following the instructions at
    Side note: my pages are private until I can learn WordPress, hopefully this doesn’t matter.

    When I tried to create a new menu, the two default menus that came with Twenty Eleven “Home” and “About” vanished completely but now “Home is back and is the only menu on the black menu bar under the header photo.

    This is what I did: dashboard > appearance > menus

    I named my menu (there are apparently only two menus in Twenty Eleven).

    menu > pages:
    Though I created three test pages, the “pages” sidebar in “menus” says “no items.”

    menu > Adding Category Pages to Your Menu
    The categories I created are there, so I click on them and they appear as side bars beneath the main menu item, but never show up on the black bar on the blog beneath the Twenty Eleven photograph. It just says “Home.”

    “Adding Category Pages to Your Menu”
    How do I link the pages to the categories to the menu: pages > categories > menu? Is this the hierarchy?

    There is no category check box on the new pages, to place the a page in a particular category.

    The blog I need help with is


    We have a misunderstanding. The individual tabs (home, etc.) are menu items. The entire black band across the top is the menu and it can have as many menu items as you want.

    Private pages will not show up in the menu. Only published pages will, so you won’t see any of your private pages until those pages are published.

    Similar thing with categories where you cannot add them to a menu until the category is assigned to at least one published post. Then you can add them to the menu.

    Last thing I’ll mention, and this is missed by a good many people, is that after creating your menu and saving it you then have to select it from the “primary” pulldown in the theme location module at upper left on the custom menu page.



    The first question I tried to find in the support documentation was “what is actually the menu,” but no answers. Thanks for that clarification. It would be great if there was a schematic/diagram “anatomy of a theme page” with arrows pointing to what things are.

    So menu items are pages. Is there any way to get sub menu items, that is when one clicks on a menu item a drop down sub-menu comes up with linked pages or sub-categories? For instance a top menu item/page called Books > that links to others: The Desert > The Sea > etc.

    Again, thank you for the clarification.


    Yes you can have submenus and the link you referenced explains how to do submenus: .

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