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Twenty Eleven - Page not exactly centered on the iPhone

  1. Hi guys

    My blog resizes well for portable devices, like the iPhone, but it seems to be like 20 pixels off to the left: it's not exactly centered.

    I reviewed my CSS but couldn't find the guilty part.. any ideas??


    The blog I need help with is

  2. To troubleshoot this, would recommend making a copy of your current custom CSS, then delete it and test again. If the margins look good, add back the first half of the custom CSS, save, and re-check. Repeat those steps until you find which CSS you've added is causing the trouble.

  3. Hi designsimply
    Thank you for coming to the rescue once again :)

    This line's the culprit, meant to remove the search box..

    #branding .only-search #s {<br /> display: none;<br /> }

    With the search box on, everything is centered.. Any ideas on why and how one can remove it and still have a centered page?


  4. Nice find!

    Try changing the visibility property for it instead of the display property.

    #branding .only-search #s {
    	visibility: hidden;

    Visibility:hidden keeps the structure of something and makes it invisible while display:none hides an element and also takes it out of the document flow (and so things can get rejiggered unexpectedly that way).

  5. Perfect :) Thank you so much, once again!!

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