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Twenty Eleven page title font size - HELP, PLEASE...

  1. Greetings, I'm almost ready to share my blog with friends far and wide, but the size of the page titles isn't quite what I want yet. I'd like them the same size as the Post titles, or if that's too complicated (I'm NOT technically savvy), I'd like to make them invisible. I'd just remove them completely except that I need them to identify pages when I'm in the Dashboard.

    Thanks for your help. I'm on the edge of my chair to hit "send" to my contact list!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Question: How can I remove the page titles so they don’t appear in the body of the page? (Duster and Twenty Twelve)

    The tab in the top nav menu doesn’t have to be the actual page title, so here’s what you can do:

    Edit the pages and delete their titles.
    Go to Appearance>Menus and create a custom menu. Select your (now nameless) pages from the Pages module, click Add to Menu. Click the arrow at the right side of each page module to open it, type the title in the Navigation Label field. Click Save Menu, select the menu from the Theme Locations pulldown, click Save.

  3. Yikes, I'll try! I may be back in touch with questions. THANK YOU!!

  4. @youngteresa
    I found the answer by using forum search. :)

    the size of the page titles isn't quite what I want yet. I'd like them the same size as the Post titles

    If you are expecting to be able to click a button and change fonts throughout your blog then it’s not that easily done and it's not free of charge to when it comes to changing page titles. These are 3 ways to change fonts on blogs.

    (1) Changing font families, colors and size in text in posts or pages either post by post or page by page by coding into the HTML editor.

    (2) Changing font colors in text in posts or pages either post by post or page by page using the #4 icon (Select text color – change the text color) in Row 2 the Visual editor.

    (3) Changing all font families, colors and sizes throughout the whole blog by purchasing an annually renewable Custom Design upgrade and using Typekit Fonts with Staff support.
    Note: Any font changes to font families, colors and size in the blog title, tagline, post titles, page titles, categories and tags cannot be done without CSS editing.

  5. The steps you sent to me worked except that:

    1. I lost my Home navigation tab in the process. With your seasoned search skills, can you help?

    2. And though I removed the page titles, there's still a huge space left for them that I'd like to remove.

    I'm soooo close to the "finish line"!!

  6. I figured out restoring the Home tab. I LOVE WORDPRESS!!

  7. I'm glad you are happy with and with the change you have made.

    I would not remove page titles, but then perhaps I'm looking at things differently than you look at them. To me the page content without the title looks like an island of text with no anchor, and I would prefer the page titles to be there from an SEO point of view. SHRUG

  8. What does SEO mean?

    And I'd prefer the page titles there, too, but not so honking HUGE! I guess I'll buy CSS, get into my own "timethief" warp figuring out how to change the font size when I should be doing other things (ha!), and then I'll put the page titles back. And thanks again. You're a sweetie!

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