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Twenty Eleven - posts and widgets on side suddenly displaying in italic

  1. For some reason our blog is displaying text in italics in the side bar and in one post, e.g., although it looks normal when displayed in single page mode. But, when displayed on the home page, part of the post (towards the end) is in italics.
    The widget text on the right side of the home page are entirely in italics.
    How do I fix this italic issue?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I see tags showing up in the source of the article you reference, if you look at this particular article in the editor do you see the text in italics there also? You may want to check using the Text tab to see if you can spot any tags that shouldn't be there.

    I'm not sure why this would be affecting your side bar though, did you make any changes to your template recently?

  3. At first I thought I had an unenclosed italic tag, but I don't see it. Note the post is fine when viewed in a single page at (only the quote is in italics) but when viewed on the home page at, the entire post is in italics.

    I have not made any changes to the template recently. I double checked to make sure that the CSS file didn't have italics attribute to the widgets.

    Something else is going on.

  4. Hmm, can you pinpoint exactly when it started, or do you know what the last post or page was that you edited right before the italics showed up?

    This is really odd but in the page source it looks like your whole sidebar is wrapped in an<em> tag:

  5. That's weird. I cannot say when it started. I don't view this blog daily. I'm using and do not have access to the template's CSS file. I know I can override it under Customization, but this tag wasn't in the template CSS file originally. How did it get in there?

  6. Then the unclosed tag is almost certainly in a widget.

  7. I would double check the content of your "About Friends" widget, especially in text view to see if you can spot a stray tag there.

  8. I checked the three text widgets under the Main Sidebar (About Friends, Get Email Announcements, and Related Links) and none of them are using the tag. It must have been inserted from the outside. Note that Recent Posts are also in italics, and it is not a text widget.

  9. Uh, note that your text here also goes back and forth between italics and regular text. Is that intentional?

  10. I believe here it's just the result of typing out the < e m > tag and not formatting it with the code option. (I did that earlier by accident as well.)

  11. I noted that, too! Not intentional at all, and it's bizarre - I have no idea how my words became italicized. I didn't even spell out the tag! Should I contact WP support directly?

  12. This problem seems to have been resolved. The text is no longer in italics. Yay!

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