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    Hi. I am using Twenty Eleven which, so far, has been quite frustrating. I think I have managed to get through most of my issues or simply give up fighting the theme for the moment but one issue is really a big problem and I was hoping may be someone can give me a pointer since I can’t seem to find anything related or similar on any of the forum or support pages.

    My blog has multiple categories and I show the category for each post (e.g., Posted in Fiction by…) The category word is clickable. When I click on it, I expect to be directed to that category’s page on my blog. Instead I am directed OUT OF MY BLOG and onto the WP site with a listing of all other blogs that have used that category.

    In other words, WordPress is promoting other blogs to my readers instead of sending the reader to the correct place on my blog – which where s/he most likely wanted t go anyway.

    Anyone else deal with this issue? I would really appreciate your feedback.



    The blog I need help with is



    What you are experiencing is not theme related. It’s normal behavior for all blogs. The Categories and Tags links displayed by widgets direct only to the content in our blogs. The Categories and/or tags on the post direct to the global tag pages.
    This is also a good guide to the Duster and Twenty Eleven themes you may want to refer to >

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