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    A while ago I allready complained about this but the Twenty Eleven theme has some bugs (that Duster doen’t have) that are still not resolved

    Fore example: I find the theme usefull for it’s “pull”-function; however when using it on images (the only thing i use it for); the image sizes won’t adjust, nomatter how big or small u turn the image to be, on the blog they stay originally sized.

    The editor has problems with images to, fore example i use “pull alignright” on all my images but they’ll be in the midle of the editor creating some sort of a margin in the editor, wich his evert unusefull

    The blog I need help with is


    The editor is not WYSIWYG. It is RTF. Also, the editor (TinyMCE) is written by, not by WordPress, which means that if they tried to make the editor WYSIWYG, they would have to completely re-hack and re-test the editor each time a newer version of it came out. None of the blogging services have WYSIWYG editors and virtually all of them use TinyMCE.


    I’ll tag this thread and have it moved to the themes forum so hopefully the theme team will see it and reply about the images in the pulls and sizing.

    If you provide a link to a post where the image size is full on a pull I’ll have a look at it and perhaps I can come up with a “hack” that will size them the way you want them.



    After checking some post, it seems the images don’t go full size but sometimes even bigger.
    For example this post:
    It has a small image, 90×101 but Twenty Eleven makes it 205×209 (IE9 compatibility mode) or 378×424 (IE9 normal mode)

    So I also saw that i’am having problems with both Duster and Twenty Eleven when using IE 9, when using the compatiblity mode (triggers to IE 7 i guess) in looks “normal’, despites the image sizes.

    But howecome the editor works fine on any other theme, but acts this strange on Twenty Eleven?



    Forgot the link to the post:

    When i talked about the sizes, that was on the homepage.
    On the post page the image is 193×216, once aigain another size…


    No other theme has pulls. Those are unique to Duster and 2011. The TinyMCE editor (and RTF in general) support the “normal” image alignments of left, right, center and none. Pull quotes are something entirely different and generally for text.

    You did not leave a link for the post. Which post and I’ll have a look at it. I expect I can give you a little HTML change to make that will fix the issue.



    Link is now included :)


    Ah, I think the issue might be that you are bringing them in from an photobucket. Upload that image to your media library and insert that one and see what happens. Set it for “full-sized” and see if it does not come in at 90 x 101.


    In the CSS, I see what is causing it. It is the width set in .pull.alignright. They set it at 33% so that the quote is equivalent to 1/3 of the total post width. That way it hangs out to the right, but also extends into the main post area. Again this reflects that it is really designed for text, no for images.



    Nope, same problem. Even with or withour the “full-sized”.
    When the “pull” is not included it works just fine so, the problem has to be searched there. :s


    End of last sentence should be “not” for images.



    But howecome it does work fine on Duster, they said that 2011 was an improved version of Duster, but my opinion is that it is worse.


    See my previous post about the 33% width thing. That is causing the image to be increased in size so that it fills that 33% width.


    2011 is a modified version of Duster. Do you have a site using Duster that I can look at where you have done a pull with an image that works right and I can look at the CSS to see what they did differently.



    Then they shouldn’t say it works for images, since it doens’t work good.
    Can’t they change it into the way it was in Duster? If not, i’m turning back to Duster once again; no matter what the stupid “Chance to Twenty Eleven” banner says allover wp-admin. :(



    I changed the site back to duster, so you can check it out on the same post.


    Yeah, the 33% width declaration was added with 2011. I expect they did that to better integrate text quotes into the body of the page. Again this points to the fact that at least in 2011, the pull quotes are targeted at text.

    Best we can hope for at this moment is that staff will respond. Perhaps they can figure out how to do both.

    If you had the Custom Design upgrade, I could help put some code into the CSS that you could then use that would take care of this.



    Yeah, If i had it. But since i don’t, i’m not gonna take the upgrade to do just this.
    So i’ll wait for staff member, or i’ll just have to stick with Duster.

    Thanks for helping :)


    You are welcome.



    Can i get help from a WP admin?

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