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Twenty Eleven: Remove tags/cats line from individual posts

  1. I've hidden the "footer" for posts that has the "This entry was posted in... and tagged... by Sensuous Inkspiller. Bookmark the permalink." line, leaving only the "edit" and "Leave a reply" (or how many replies) with this code:

    .entry-meta .cat-links,.entry-meta .tag-links,.entry-meta .sep {<br /> display:none;<br /> }



    I can't get it to work for the individual posts... meaning when I click on the post title itself, and it opens only that post. I've tried .singular.entry-meta and .entry-meta a and footer entry-meta, and I can't get it to work. I came upon some combination that seemed to work, but also hid the entire line from the main page, including the "Edit" and the "Leave a reply", which isn't what I wanted, and there are so many revisions on my CSS page I can't find what it was.

    Please help?

    (Also... this is okay to do, yes? It's not messing with something required to be there?)

    Thank you! (Blog is linked to my name.)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The stuff on the single post page is done differently. Either add the below to your CSS, or add the selector to what you have already have.

    .singular .entry-meta {
    display: none;
  3. Thank you, TheSacredPath! I'm glad I cried "uncle" before I pulled out all of my hair.

  4. You are welcome, and take care of that hair.

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