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    I’ve set up a showcase page in Twenty Eleven and created a mock post to test the Featured Post section. I read somewhere that the max featured image width is 500px to have it appear next to the post intro (I’m not using the Header image).

    So my question is: why does my Featured Post image appear to be much smaller than the one on the Twenty Eleven demo?

    Is it the height? Scaling? (Something to do with my gallery image being way too big because I didn’t edit the jpeg before uploading?)

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s because the two images have different aspect ratios (yours is squarer). The featured post section has a fixed height, so the displayed version of the featured image gets scaled down to fit that height as well. Maximum displayed width is 500px, maximum displayed height is 299px.


    Thanks, justpi! I didn’t see max height anywhere.

    Here’s the text from

    “An image with a minimum height of 300 pixels and a maximum width of 500 pixels will display next to the post.”

    So happy to have this solved. It’s a tiny issue but it was bugging me.



    You’re welcome.
    The text you quoted is inaccurate.
    First, the image you upload doesn’t have to be 500px wide or less: it can be larger (for example the image on the demo page is 840×558). It’s the displayed version that will be 500px wide max.
    Second, the image you upload doesn’t have to be 300px high or more: a shorter one will also show up.
    Third, the text doesn’t really clarify what the result will actually be (hence your original question). As I wrote above, the displayed version can’t be wider than 500px or higher than 299px: a larger original will be scaled down to observe the one or the other restriction, depending on its aspect ratio.


    Awesome, just awesome. Thanks again.

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