Twenty Eleven Showcase Template – how to add a sidebar?

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    I’ve just changed my homepage to Showcase template, so I now have a static intro area, with my blog posts showcased below.

    Because there is no sidebar, the posts appear lopsided to the right and I’d like to either a) shunt them over towards the left side or b) add my widget sidebar, depending on which looks best.

    But I can’t find inclusion of the sidebar as an option when the Showcase template is in use …

    Can anyone help? Many thanks, Isabel.

    The blog I need help with is



    The left-side empty column is the sidebar: you just haven’t added any widgets to it.


    But if you look at my blog page: – you’ll see I do have a right hand side bar with widgets, which I had assumed would be replicated over on the Showcase template.

    If this isn’t the case, do I have to set up separate widgets for the showcase page?




    Only what you have in the left-hand sidebar will be shown on the Showcase template. Yes, you have to organize those widgets separately.


    Aha – I’ve just looked on the widgets page of my dashboard and found the ‘Showcase Sidebar’ – I assume I just set this up separately and hey presto. Many thanks for your help justpi and raincoaster :)

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