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    I am thinking about using the Twenty Eleven showcase template on my main page to display certain things, but have noticed on other sites using Twenty Eleven that the bottom will have “Recent Post” on it, I am wondering if instead of having “Recent Post” I can just use that space to display our information….is this possible? just want to know before I make that change

    The blog I need help with is


    What you described is the “Showcase Page Template” of Twenty Eleven that can be applied to pages which is a specialized page template that changes a Twenty Eleven theme into a fancy showcase. You cannot change the “Recent Posts” area, but you can customize the area to the left of it with widgets or you could hide the “Recent Posts” with CSS and use footer widgets to customize the area below it.

    Here’s how the default Twenty Eleven layout looks for comparison:

    Here is a help page about all the features of Twenty Eleven:





    No problem! :)


    Is there a way to make the post-slider (in the featured post section, on the front page) change posts by itself (like a slideshow)?

    Mine is static, I have to click on the buttons manually to go see another post.



    There isn’t a way to change the post slider in the Twenty Eleven theme at to advance automatically.

    You can see a list of all the themes at that have post sliders here:

    I checked the list and I found four which have a slider that automatically advances:

    * Debut
    * Currents
    * On Demand
    * Modularity Lite


    Thanks Happiness for such a swift response! :D


    Cheers :)

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