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    Did I miss the setting to allow the sidebar to appear in individual posts?

    The blog I need help with is



    No. The theme is not coded to provide sidebar widget displays on single post pages them. See here > and here >



    Also note this. pageloading time is a page ranking factor and when a blog display widgets on every page that slows page loading time. Both the Duster and Twenty Eleven theme are coded with this reality in mind. In those themes the focus is on showcasing the content on individual pages and that means there is not sidebar widget distraction provided.




    page ranking aside, i’d love to see an option where the blogger could choose to have the widgets appear on the individual posts. just changed my blog ( over to 2011 theme today.
    lots of great features – just miss the widgets, especially considering i get some traffic from facebook or RSS people following links to individual articles… i would love for them to see more than just one article/content. would like to be able to show “the big picture” without counting on them to know or want to click on “blog” in menu


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    There are at least 100 themes to choose from, with lots of different features.
    You just have to choose a theme with the features you want.

    Twenty Eleven is designed w/o sidebars on posts. While I agree that it would be a 1000% better if there was an option for widgets in the sidebar (not footer widgets) on single posts, this theme does not feature that option.

    If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.



    we could add to that wishlist, that instead of saying “previous” to go to the previous posts, it would show the post title. after all, that’s the joy of thinking up clever, short post titles! :)

    is there somewhere more useful for me to make my suggestions re: 2011 theme?



    ah, Tess, I hear you on lots of themes to choose from. I’ve happily used 2010 and Coraline on several blogs. Just got intrigued by 2011 bc I assumed being the latest, it’d have the best of everything.

    if wishes were fishes, we’d feast every day.


    Adding the ability to select which widgets show on which pages although a nice thing, would require a gargantuan amount of theme hacking and rewriting of the themes and that is not to mention all the testing that has to go on to make sure it all works in all browsers and then the inevitable finding of the breakage, the fixing of the code and another round of testing. Rinse and repeat.

    Perhaps some future themes will show up with that ability, but don’t look for staff to go back in and spend thousands of hours adding that ability to the existing themes.

    Just sayin’.


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    Oh, I love the fishies saying.

    but the least I’m sayin’
    about the widgets in Twenty Eleven:
    widgets on posts is most common.

    Twenty Eleven does not show widgets on single posts at all!!!

    Not choosing different widgets on different posts: just having widgets at all.

    I don’t understand the logic of a post page w/o widgets except for the explanation timethief just gave about “loading time”

    I wouldn’t care (because there are so many other themes to choose from) except my boss decided that Twenty Eleven is great because of the random header images, so for work it’s what we will use.


    Yeah, each theme is designed differently and each theme author makes the decisions on how they are going to do things. Single post pages without widgets does seem “wrong” somehow since categories and such would be a natural thing to show along with a single post, but we didn’t design that theme.




    okay, well, thanks for the conversations on the topic. i decided to “sleep on the decision” over the weekend, but after seeing links from other blogs going to single posts on my blog and seeing that sort of looks like a blank slate to anyone who might be new to my blog…
    i think i’m headed back to 2010.
    a little sad about it as I was quite infatuated with the looks of the larger header image and the clean text above the image.
    but i need the function of the widgets… so… back i go.



    You absolutely CAN have a sidebar with widgets on post pages with twenty eleven. You can see that in action on my blog (Future Web Blog).

    It does require very little editing of the post template PHP file. Most of the work is editing the CSS, but even that isn’t too hard to get working.



    @chrisaprea: If you say so, but this is the WordPress.COM forum. We can’t edit PHP files here.



    Ah excuse my ignorance, I admittedly don’t know much about hosted blogs. I didn’t realised it was so locked down.

    That’s too bad, it’s literally adding one line of PHP. The rest is making sure the CSS is correct.



    @chrisaprea: No worries :-)

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