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    With the Custom Design upgrade, is it possible to turn off the title that comes up on the featured post slider? I’m trying to use it as a photo slider and the title is in the way in certain instances. I tried making a post with no title, but it still gives a small translucent box where the title would otherwise have been.

    If not remove it, can it be moved somewhere else within the image, rather than always the top of the left hand side?

    The blog I need help with is



    Try this:

    article.feature-image.large .entry-title {
        display: none;


    Awesome! Thanks again man!



    You’re welcome again!
    You’ll be able to answer such questions yourself if you learn to use a developer extension, such as Web Inspector in Safari or Firebug in Firefox.


    There are some introductory videos on the developer tools built into Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer at: which you may want to take a look at.


    Awesome, thanks guys, both really helpful! :D


    You are welcome.

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