Twenty Eleven Soundcloud Widgets – different behavior between browsers

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    Hi There
    In Firefox 10, my sound cloud mini widgets look perfect & work as expected.
    In Chrome 17, they work but have a solid black background so don’t look so great against the white background of my site.
    In Internet Explorer 9 the widgets do not render at all. In fact, even the standard flash or HTML5 versions do not appear to render in IE9!?
    Is this an issue with the theme or a generic WordPress issue?
    See my page:
    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is


    @richardsalt: Super hard to say if it’s a theme issue at this point because all of the screenshots I’ve taken look perfectly fine: Chrome, Safari, Firefox. IE9 and IE8 will have to wait until Monday (I’m on a Mac right now without VMware Fusion); I’ll update this as soon as I can see what’s going on in those browsers. Cheers.



    Hi There. I have taken a screenshot from Chrome 17to demonstrate the behavior I am experiencing. I am running on Windows7 x64.



    Quick searching on Google, I found a number of people who are experiencing the same issue in Chrome on Windows. This is not an issue with or the theme but it is with Chrome specifically.

    It appears fine on IE9 and IE8 on my end. The players look fine and playable.



    Ok, many thanks for looking into this. I will post on the Google Chrome forum.



    You’re welcome!

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