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    I purchased the CSS upgrade for my website, and need some help minimizing the space above the menu bar (theme is Twenty Eleven). I removed the header, but I’d still like to move the menu and text up a bit. Also, I’d like to change the color and height of the menu bar. Any help would be appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    What you want to do is to go back to settings > general and put your site title and tagline back in there and then we can hide them via CSS. If you delete them at settings > general your site has no title and search engines aren’t too fond of sites with no titles that they can grab hold of.

    The following will get rid of everything above the top navigation bar including hiding the site title and the tagline.

    #branding hgroup {
    display: none;


    Terrific. I really appreciate your help–


    This is just a suggestion, but I find your background a little too strong. My suggestion would be to edit it in an image editing program and perhaps set the opacity lower so it isn’t quite so bold. It might not take too much, perhaps down 20%, or even 10%.



    Thanks for the suggestion– I definitely agree with you. I’m hoping to tackle that this weekend, and to play around more with the look of the website. Now that the space above the menu is gone, I think I’d like to add a header back in, but at a reduced height. Is there a way to do that using CSS?


    Yeah, we can do that. Get your header image together and figure out what size you want it and we can make that happen. When you are ready, just post back here. I’m around nearly everyday at some point. Upload the image to your media library after you get it done and the when you post back here, include the URL of it so I can work directly with that image.


    HI Sacred Path,

    This is exactly what I am experimenting with…a header at a reduced height. I’m trying out 1000 x 150. I would love to have the CSS code for adding a header in the CSS since the auto-loader won’t work with a reduced height header. I don’t have the header ready yet, but perhaps you could give me the formula with a place holder for the image url.

    Thank you so much.

    I’m at


    2011 is a little odd. If you get the image ready, let us know and we can work on it. The thing is, when you go to appearance > header and hide the image, the div disappears so we have to add it in in the parent selector and then positioning of other elements has to be adjusted.


    OK! Sounds complicated! I’ll check back. Thanks.


    You are welcome.



    Well, after playing around with the background and header, I’ve decided that I like the standard header size after all. Thanks for your offer to help, and for your suggestion about the background color. I made some edits and I think it looks a lot better. I appreciate your feedback–


    You are welcome, and yes, that background looks better. Still a little busy for my taste, but the two blues have less contrast between them which tones it down a lot.

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