Twenty Eleven Table Picture/Text Alignment issue

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    I am having trouble aligning stuff in tables in 2011 theme. I have one table, two columns. Picture is in the left cell, text in the right. But for some reason the text alignment is way off. It will show up at the bottom, as if it was in a row below the one the picture is in. As I’m using this blog to test themes for my official one, it’s set to private and I can’t post a link but here is how it looks in the editor:
    And on the actual page when I view it:

    I tried having two pictures in neighboring cells, tried two cells with text only and they both work fine. It’s just when it’s one cell with picture and one cell with text. Also tried centering text and using “valign” in the row and the cell itself. That did nothing. Here’s my code:

    <td width=”100″><img class=”alignleft” title=”bm” src=”;h=144″ alt=”” /></td>
    <td>Description text goes here. It should show up lined up with the picture but does not.</td>

    Can anyone help me?

    The blog I need help with is


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