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    I’ve just switched to Twenty Eleven, and I hope my readers will agree that the blog looks pretty fine in its dark version ( However, I’ve just noticed that some of my old posts are still coming up with their text all in black, except for the links, e.g.: I tried manually changing the text colour on one post to white (, but now the links are also all white. What a mess I’ve made.

    Any bright ideas for how to rectify this without manually changing all the text colour for all my old posts?

    The blog I need help with is


    Some of your old posts are still coming up with their text all in black because you had made it black yourself. There’s no way to correct this other than manually editing each post and removing all those:
    <span style="color:#000000;">
    along with the corresponding closing tags:



    Thanks, P. That was the answer I suspected and dreaded. Hopefully I can find a quick way to do it, but it looks like a mammoth task…



    I’m sorry but the reality is that there is no quick way that I know of to change the font color coding you put into the HTML editor of each post. You will have to edit each post you made that change in, remove the font color coding, and update.



    I know that now. I can’t even remember why I changed the colour of the posts. Some of them date back to when I was with Blogger and set my own font colours, but for some others I must’ve thought the text didn’t match the background or something daft like that.

    I’ve found a way of speeding up the editing, by copying the entire code to Text Edit and then using ‘Replace All’ to remove all the colour coding. Seems to work so far.

    Thanks for your help.


    You’re welcome.

    Yes, that’s the way I would do it too!

    If you ever need to change the color of entire posts again, don’t use the color tool of the visual editor, because as you saw it adds the same (wrong) tag to each and every paragraph. Do it in the HTML editor, this way:

    <div style="color:#HEX HERE;">

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