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Twenty Eleven theme

  1. I have just received this excellent note from one of our Happiness Engineers:

    "Work has already started on a new Twenty Eleven theme so I'm not sure if these would make it into Twenty Ten; but may be good candidates for the upcoming theme."

    This is excellent news and if this can be a place for us to pitch in, that might help the developing team.

    May I ask one thing please (I am on my knees)? Please retain the 940x198 header. This is a brilliant space to work with and allows us to create memorable images to work as powerful metaphors for our carefully written entries. In invite you to check out for examples of just how beautiful and striking these images can be. (You get more images when you click to individual entries).

    Thank you WP.

    Eric Britton. Skype: [Redacted by sl1k] Tel [Redacted by sl1k]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @worldstreets

    I removed your Skype user name and phone because they are not allowed in these public forums...

  3. Proposal: Placement of Comments link:

    On top line just under the article title, in this order if possible:

    Posted on [date] by [author]. [number] Comments

    Why? Well in a collaborative blog like World Streets, the process and frequency of the comments is part of the package in each case. So if the reader sees that there is a lively discussion going on there, she will be likely to dip in and have a look.

    What we don't want is for our readers to feel they have to read through everything in detail to find what they are looking for. That's why we use the More tag, giving them just a few chosen leaders in order to make their choice. And on top of that and hand in hand with WP, we give them no less than six flexible and efficient ways to search for references on any given category or key words.

    But those comments are a very important part of the game.

    [2011: I am on my knees asking for this. I hope you can see me.]

  4. <b>Sharing Settings on 2011 </b>
    Do you think we might add Linked-In to the excellent Share list alrady there in 2010? I received a note from them today saying that they have just gobbled their 100 millionth member. It would seem to be a good candidate for 2011?

    (Note Sl1k: No tel, no Skype. I am learning. Thanks)

    PS. Read World Streets. If you are smart, it will make you smarter. If you are not, there are always nice pictures.

  5. <b>Comment presenation examples </b>
    If you go look at how the Comments are presented in the Fusion Theme, yoiu will see something that invites comment,. exchange and easy reading. As an example, have a look at - and you will see something that is really handsome and inviting.

    Like 2011, eh?

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