Twenty Eleven Theme "continue reading" customization?

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    Hey! So, I’m trying to get my post feeds with the “continue reading” buttons to look something like in this blog (the black background and everything):
    Please do let me know how I can make it look like that!
    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    thanks for your reply AGAIN!
    the link tells you everything about the theme except for the Continue Reading GREY BUTTION! please help!


    You need to read that whole article in order to comprehend how to set up a Showcase template as a static front page. Until you do that the continue reading will not appear.



    Im sorry you didnt get the question right.. From my previous post and your reply i figured how to get the continue reading button… Here i wanted to know about the formatting of the button… as in i would love it to be a big rectangle shaped button instead of just like any other link… please scroll down on this page and have a look at the Continue reading button.. thanks!
    Waiting for your reply! :)


    I tagged this thread for Themes Staff to respond to you.






    Sorry but timethief did get the question right. The striped “continue reading” button isn’t the regular read-more link you insert manually, it’s the special read-more link that shows up automatically when you use sticky posts and the showcase template (which you don’t use). The appearance of the regular read-more link can’t be changed, except if you have the Custom Design upgrade.

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