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Twenty Eleven Theme: Featured Images set to page headers are being cropped.

  1. I am trying to set a different header image to each page; the images are 1000 x 350 px while the "recommended" but flexible dimensions are 1000 x 288. Setting an image under the Appearance > Header it will allow the 350, but not when trying to set a different image for each page using the Featured Image option in the Page editor. Is there another way to do this without the images being cropped?
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  2. The theme dimensions specify 1000 x 288 pixels.

  3. It says "at least" those dimensions. The template is flexible, according to the chart at the bottom of...

  4. I flagged this thread fo Staff attention as flexible headers is not working for you.

  5. woodpigeon2012

    I am having the same issue with Twenty Eleven theme:
    Images added under "Appearance > Header" can have any pixel height.
    However when the same image is selected as "Featured Image" from a media gallery, it appears cropped to 288px height.
    To sum it up: "Appearance > Header" allows variable height, while "Featured Image" crops to 288px high. This appears to be a bug.
    I want to use Featured Images of variable height and this should be possible as per theme's description.
    Thank you for looking into this.

  6. Any updates to this? I'm running into this issue as well.

  7. Howdy!

    There is a difference between Custom Header Images and Featured Images. Although they happen to serve the same purpose in Twenty Eleven, they're actually two separate functions, which is why they behave differently.

    Custom Header Images can be flexible height or width in Twenty Eleven. This is the image (or series of random images) that displays on every post by default unless a Featured Image is set for the post.

    Featured Images are set per post, and these are a fixed width and height of 1000 x 288. There is no way to crop featured images to a flexible width/height the way you can for the custom header.

    Sorry for any confusion; I hope this clears things up!

  8. Ah; I see said the blind man. In my case, I just ended up changing the allowed height of the featured image and that fixed my issue.


  9. woodpigeon2012

    Thanks for your replies.

    amishhacker, how did you change the allowed height of featured images?

  10. I am currently using a child theme based off Twenty Eleven, so your mileage may vary. All I had to do to change the height of the header, was go to Appearance – Editor – Theme Functions (functions.php) and under function my_header_image_height($height) { return 288; change 288 to whatever height you wish your headers to be. You should be able to replicate that using the default theme fairly easily though.

  11. @amishhacker's method will work if you're using a self-hosted version of WordPress, but not here on, where you don't have access to edit theme files. You can read more about the differences between self-hosted WordPress and here.

  12. Oh gosh; so sorry. I just did a google search yesterday which led me to this thread. Yes; this only works for full WordPress. Well worth the extra $8 a month IMO.

  13. woodpigeon2012

    Thanks for the advice! I'm using a self-hosted version.

    If you were to consider implementing a flexible-height featured images in this theme in the future, it would be hugely appreciated. For applications such as mine this would make the theme highly versatile. The ability to have flexible height headers is great, but right now I have to choose between flexible height and header images that match the pages (featured images). It would be great to have flexible height featured images and not be forced to choose between these two features.

  14. Thanks for the advice! I'm using a self-hosted version.

    There version for is not exactly the same as the version.
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