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twenty eleven theme format and margin issue

  1. hi there, for some reason this post's margins went out of whack after editing it? I have sent several hours trying to fix it and seem to be having no luck.
    If you can help I'd really appreciate it. ty

    The blog I need help with is

  2. bump?

  3. Your link didn't work - have you taken it down?

    Similar problem on

    Around the same date as you I entered 3 posts. Each of them was fine until this weekend when all 3 suddenly changed margin. The home page has reacted by moving them to the bottom of the page and the sidebar has also been displaced to the bottom of the page.

    The only thing they have in common is the dates. If I create a new post it is fine, but if I create a post between those dates it falls into the wide margins and goes to the bottom of the home page. No idea why, no response from wordpress support.

  4. @oxymoronn: The URL you've pasted isn't valid.

    @kevinmayne: That's probably due to bad HTML. See here how to correct it:

  5. result!

    Thanks Justpi - I had to go back 8 posts but then it fixed

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