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    I recently activated this theme but was wondering if there’s a way to show the sidebar on a single post view. I noticed the theme keep the post width the same size but the sidebar disappears. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry, that’s the way the theme works.


    I have the same concern. Is there a theme that does retain sidebars on individual posts?



    Most themes do have sidebars on every page. Only a few themes do not have sidebars when viewing single posts and pages on their own pages. We have a Themes Forum and the searchbox there does have a feature filters. It’s a live demo site > see here >


    @timethief Thank you so much for your response. I apologize for a newbie question, but there is so much information about so many aspects of blogging that it is sometimes difficult to find out what you want.



    You’re welcome. It’s also wise to know that when a blog displays widgets on each and every page there are two factors to consider.

    (1) The more widgets there are on a any page the longer that page takes to load. Studies show people click out after waiting only 3-4 seconds. Moreover page loading time is a page ranking factor. So if you choose a theme that displays widgets on every page then make sure you have set the number of posts displaying on your front page to a low number, consider inserting “the more tag” into the posts displaying on your front page to reduce page loading time.
    > Settings > reading

    (2) If you choose a theme that does display widgets on every page in the blog then do not install any decorative vanity widgets. Install only those that direct visitors to content found deeper than the front page in your blog



    Thanks for the informative replies.



    You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)



    Does this mean I cannot have a subscribe widget in the sidebar of a single post in Twenty Eleven?



    @elanacastle: As it’s been explained earlier, no sidebar means no sidebar widgets, I’m afraid. But you can certainly add a subscribe widget in the footer.


    You can have sidebar on this theme without any code editing, just install this child theme



    @nirajmchauhan: Thanks for trying to help, but you are currently in a forum about blogs hosted by WordPress.COM, where we cannot install themes (child or parent)


    “You can purchase a Custom Design upgrade for your blog, which allows you to edit the look and feel of any theme.”
    Question: Does “edit the look and feel” include adding sidebar to the single post page? If yes, how would one do that w/ CSS? Thanks!



    @stripmallgourmet: See the Custom Design FAQ please. Does it answer your question? (“Does the Custom Design upgrade let me edit HTML?”)


    In short, no you cannot add a sidebar to a page that was designed without one. CSS is a styling document and cannot be used to add functionality. To add a sidebar would require access to, and editing of the theme PHP script files, and we cannot do that here at

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