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Twenty Fourteen Ephemera: post format question

  1. Hi there,

    I just started building a new blog in Twenty Fourteen, and everything's been going smoothly except for this small issue I ran into. I added several Twenty Fourteen Ephemera widgets to my Content Sidebar, and because Ephemera doesn't seem to allow Standard post types in this theme, I picked Asides for one of my post types. I called this particular widget "Events" and that's how it shows up in the sidebar. However, when you scroll down to the bottom of the widget, instead of the link saying "more events," it says "more asides," which looks a bit strange. I can't seem to find any way to change this. Does anyone know if there's a way for Twenty Fourteen Ephemera to say "more (of the same things displayed in this widget)" as opposed to "more (of the same post formats)?" I hope it makes sense...

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Jules - That widget is made to particularly show posts in various post formats other than the standard, not to show posts according to the type of content. There isn't any way to change that text, therefore, but you could use a different type of widget to show your Events posts.

    The easiest thing would probably be to put all your Events posts in an "Events" category and then use the display posts shortcode in a Text Widget to display that category in your sidebar:

  3. Hi eurello,

    Thanks for the response! I thought so, but wanted to double check to see if I'm missing anything. I started using the text widget to display the events, which seems to work pretty well. I don't know a whole lot about shortcodes, but I'll use the link you provided and try to figure them out.

    Thanks again for the help!

  4. Hi Jules -

    No problem! The shortcode you'd want to use is just:

    [display-posts category="events"]

    They look more complicated than they really are. ;)

  5. Hi eurello,
    can you help me on how to use ephemera widget in twenty fourteen,

    my blog is

  6. find a solution check the step by step guide on

  7. Awesome! Are you all set with this now?

    The trick is that the Ephemera widget only displays posts in Post Formats: Post Formats

  8. I'm all set now, thanks again for your help, eurello!

    @engrirfan786, I found that using the text widget worked a lot better for what I was trying to do; I suggest you look into it as well. I checked your site and noticed that you have a similar problem as what I used to have with Ephemera - you are displaying your contact info in the right-hand menu, but it says "more quotes" underneath. If you don't want it to say "more quotes," simply replace the Ephemera widget with the text widget (the one that says "Arbitrary text or HTML" in the description). Once you enter the headline text ("contact us" in your case), and whatever text/html code you want to enter in the body, it will look almost identical to the way Ephemera looks in this particular theme. The only thing that will be missing is the little black box with the quotation mark in it. It's kind of hard for me to describe, I hope it makes sense. Just check my blog's right-hand menu to see what I'm talking about exactly, I am no longer using Ephemera there, just the text widget like eurello suggested. The black divider line just appears on its own - I guess it's part of the theme design. Good luck with your site! :)

  9. *I meant the right-hand content bar, not menu.

  10. Hi Jules - Thanks for the details, this will help other users! Yes, 2014 has black lines between the sidebar widgets as part of its template. :)

  11. Please help, I just switched WP theme to Twenty Fourteen. Unfortunately I cannot utilize the Ephemera video, anyone can help to solve my problem ?

    my site is :

  12. I already followed this instruction
    "find a solution check the step by step guide on "

    but it doesn't work

  13. I already followed this instruction
    "find a solution check the step by step guide on "

    but it doesn't work. Someone help ?

  14. Hi there,

    In the post format dropdown menu of the widget, you'd chosen 'link' rather than 'video.' Link is another type of post format.

    I chose video for you and it's showing up now. :)

  15. I'm new to using the ephemera widget as well. I've looked at the how to use link, and I don't see an answer. Is there a way I can select which videos I want on the side bar? Right now the selection seems random and I only want to display specific videos. Does anyone know how I can do that? Thanks!

  16. thanks a lot Eurello
    It's working now to display Video using Ephemera widget on my blog

  17. @agussantoso - Awesome!

    Deana - It will pull any video with a "video" post format. If you want to post a video and not have it show up in that widget, just put the video in a "standard" post format: Post Formats

  18. Thank you Eurello, I'll look into that. I appreciate the feedback.

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