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    I would like to add, on a “” site, the following slider frontage possibility, see the link bellow :

    Currently in Twenty Fourteen theme, with have the choice between grid or slider for featured content, I would like to maintain the grid for featured contents and add a slider frontpage, just like in sequel example who uses 2 plugins in addition to the child theme! Fourteen Extended & Styles: TwentyFourteen!

    – Is it possible or not within offer ?

    Thanks for you help

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, this is not possible here at The site you reference is using the self-hosted version of WordPress and some plugins to get that functionality. At users cannot install plugins.



    Thanks for your prompt answer. Unfortunately, it seems there is no way for me to have this specific slider frontpage within Even in adding CSS code ?


    No. CSS is a styling document used by the browsers to style and position existing elements in a web page. It cannot be used to add features or functionality that is not already there.

    What you want to do can be done on a self-hosted installation by either modifying the PHP scripts in the theme files, or by building or finding a plugin that will do that.

    If you wish to explore hosting your own installation, here is a link to some recommended web hosting services:



    Thanks for your last answer. DvisMusic


    You are welcome.

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