Twenty Fourteen Slider/Grid, how does it work?

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    I’m playing with the above mentioned theme on a test blog. I can’t seem to get more than one post show up in the Slider/Grid section. Tried the tag ‘featured’ as a category or tag, to no avail. Your demo site shows the ‘featured’ as a category even though your instruction says it has to be a tag.




    Just to clarify.

    I can only make one post show up in the slider/grid but the rest are not showing up. I made six posts with featured images and they all have ‘featured’ tag.

    I tried the Expound theme which gives me the same results (only one post shows up as primary/featured). It is as if the tag ‘featured’ has no effect beyond the last post.


    You have to label the articles you want up with the Tag “featured”. Or it would pic the articles you put showing up, the “sticky” ones.
    I figured it out…but after 30 minutes the articles showing in the slideshow changed! How is that possible? Can I manage the ones I want to show?



    I noticed that there is probably a bug with this feature (on at least two themes I have tried since yesterday). I was able to resolve the issue by first deleting the ‘featured’ tag from the Customize menu (do a save) and then re-insert/type the ‘featured’ tag back and save again. This helped me resolve the problem of not being able to display the featured posts appropriately.



    Yea well I have the same problem, first only one pic tagged featured would show up, so i did some research, found ou about the Jetpack problem, installed the new Jetpack, turned it off, on, back on, back off, again and again. Still doesnt work. Have changed themes, changed tag name to home, etc. still doesnt work. Whats wrong with this theme?


    Having the same problem! Can anyone help??



    I thought it was just me overlooking something obvious, but apparently not. How can I get the grid to appear at the top of my 2014 page as you have done in your mockup here:



    If it helps anyone, I figured out that you have to go on each individual post and click on ‘visibility’. A menu opens up. Click on ‘stick this post to the front page’ and the slider feature will work. To set main image scroll down on bottom right hand corner of edit post page post when in edit mode and click on ‘featured image’ and upload image for post that you’d like to feature in the slider. Hope that helps! :)


    Okay, I had the same problem with the post showing up fine with the large photo above the post but the grid wasn’t showing up. I couldn’t get the grid until I did what thedatingadvicegirl suggested and clicked on “visiblity” and the “stick this post to the front page” and the image then appeared on the grid but the post was no where to be found on the front page.

    If I click on the home page, it shows the image in the grid but the post is missing and I have a message asking me if I’m ready to publish my first post. Yet if I click on the image in the grid it takes me to the post.

    Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?


    In addition to the problem above, apparently now the blog posts won’t appear on the home page whether I have grid or slider. When I changed it to grid I lost the body of the post. I changed back to slider because at least I did have the post show on the home page but now it doesn’t. Only the image is showing.

    How do I get the body of the post back on the home page? All I did was make the change in appearances | customize | featured content from slider to grid and go the problem to begin with and now when I tried to go back to slider the body of the post is still missing.



    Will you please provide the URL for the free hosted WordPress.COM blog your refer to?



    You are referring to JetPack so that indicates your site is “powered by WordPress” ie. it’s a install not a free hosted blog and we cannot help with it here. Please read this explanation of the differences, see Then post your question on the forums,



    Has your issue been resolved?



    The fact that every time I post a comment indicating the blogger does not have a blog and needs to post to the support forums over the last days ends up in the spam filter is enough information to provide to Akismet Staff to fix this. Please do that.



    That’s a install not a free hosted blog and we cannot help with it here. Please read this explanation of the differences, see Then post your question on the forums,


    @timethief I’m sorry. I found this thread via a Google search and didn’t realize I was in the wrong place. Frankly, I didn’t even know there were two separate wordpress help sites or areas. Not sure why but that’s okay. I will see if I can get some help there.

    When you read the threads you’re not looking at the top to see where you are. I just saw the WordPress logo and that was it.

    Sorry to bother you.



    Hi again,
    There was no bother at all. Best wishes with your site.



    @timethief – So sorry about the spam filter issue. I reported it to the Akismet team earlier today, so they are looking into it. In the meantime, we’ll keep unspamming you (and other users linking to the support forums) as we come across those spammed posts.


    Isn’t WordPress supposed to work out of the box? How can you people be so patient with a product that simply doesn’t work, has no manual or explanations and is bedevilled with bugs? What a waste of time!

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