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    Yesterday I had to reset my Safari settings to solve a cache issue.
    After doing this I noticed that my 2014 theme went back to a default
    black view. I don’t have the paid custom features but know I had a lighter
    color setting before I had to reset Safari.
    Is there a settings feature in my dashboard (or somewhere) where I can go back to a lighter setting?

    Also I would like to set my blog to a magazine layout and I believe there is a way to do this without the customization upgrade.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there. You can find the colour options for your theme by clicking on Appearance ->Customize in the dashboard. Remember to save it after making changes.

    I’m not sure what you mean with “Magazine layout”. If you could please elaborate?

    You can also see the themes support doc for additional options:



    I’m not sure what you mean with “Magazine layout”. If you could please elaborate?

    “The default theme for 2014 is a magazine theme with a sleek, modern, and beautifully crafted responsive design.” Aka, the default look.



    The word “magazine” in that description is more used as a general description for the theme and is not a specific layout option. Twenty-fourteen is a magazine-type theme, meaning it’s designed for displaying content optimally with large featured images, like you’d have for a magazine, and the featured content area on the home page, etc.

    The support doc I linked above describes how to set up the featured content area to display as either a grid or a slideshow. If you want to feature posts in that area, assign them the featured tag and make sure they have featured images to display. You can also see how it looks, with all the different page templates and post formats, on the demo page here:


    After I posted my WP inquiry, I read about the featured content of the 2014 template. This is what I’m referring to the magazine style layout (text set over a image that you click on and then opens to the actual article.
    It’s been a featured design with many blogs/websites.

    What I’m not clear on is after I set the tag word (i’m using the word “feature”), set it to a grid layout, and then save the settings it doesn’t change the format of my blog. This goes along with changing the color palette I had before.

    Are these changes featured content and color part of the upgrade?
    I had a different color palette with this theme and when I reset my browser it went back to the default black.

    Any guidance on how I can correct these changes if an upgrade isn’t necessary? I’m saving the changes in the customization but it’s not saving it after it says that my design is published.



    Are these changes featured content and color part of the upgrade?

    The featured content is definitely part of the theme. However, the area won’t appear until you’ve assigned the tag to one or more posts or set one or more posts to sticky.

    You should also be able to set the colour to the featured presets in the customizer. If it says your changes are saved but they don’t appear on the blog itself, try clearing your browser cache and see if that helps: If that doesn’t help, let me know and I’ll tag this for staff to follow up.


    Hello Kokkieh..
    Everything is saved. When I open the custom feature I see the color palette and that I have my featured content set to a grid format and have the tag “feature” on my most recent posts.
    I once again cleared Safari cache and abled the 3rd party cookies box.
    Still no change.

    Hopefully someone can help me resolve this soon so I can make further changes if needed.

    Thank you in advance..



    I’ve tagged this for staff to follow up. Please make sure you’re subscribed to this thread and be patient while waiting for their response.


    Thank you, Kokkieh!
    I’m eager to resolve this asap so I can move ahead with any needed


    Hello Kokkieh,
    Checking in.
    I still haven’t heard from anyone regarding this.
    Just want to make sure I can get this cleared up soon. :)

    thanks Aimee



    Hi Aimee

    The thread is tagged, so rest assured staff will get to it. However, they handle threads based on the latest timestamps on those threads, and I have no idea how much of a backlog they have. Best is to be patient, because every new reply moves the thread back in the queue and means it will take longer for them to get to it.



    Hi there!

    The way the Twenty Fourteen theme works, is the Featured Content area will appear only if it meets these requirements:

    1. If you’ve set the Featured Content tag in Appearance -> Customizer -> Feature Content.
    2. If you’ve tagged posts with the exact Featured Content tag set in #1.
    3. If your posts have a Featured Image assigned to them.

    After doing some checks, I found that you’ve set the Featured Content tag to “featured”, however, you tagged your posts with “feature”, lacking that critical “d” at the end. Can you kindly edit your posts and tag them with “featured”? :)

    Additionally, I noticed that you haven’t set a Featured image for these posts. Can you please do that too? Here’s how:

    Afterwards, you should start seeing the Featured Content area on top of your blog.

    Let me know if you run into any problems along the way. Thank you and good luck!


    Thank you Druesome,
    I thought all of the posts would change to blocks by adding the feature tags and images, but it only does 6 features.

    Kokkieh had mentioned that I can change the color of the theme. Could I do this without upgrading? The black is not fitting for what I’m going for and looking for a lighter background. Is there an option to do this?

    Thank you for your reply!



    Hey there!

    I can see that you’ve changed your blog’s theme. Are you currently deciding on which one you’d like to use?

    To answer your question:

    Kokkieh had mentioned that I can change the color of the theme. Could I do this without upgrading? The black is not fitting for what I’m going for and looking for a lighter background. Is there an option to do this?

    I’m afraid that to change your theme’s colors, a purchase of the Custom Design upgrade is required.

    There’s no other way around this one unfortunately.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!



    Under Theme ->Customise ->Colors there are four featured color sets you can enable without an upgrade. I was referring to those.



    Hey @kokkieh!

    Without the Custom Design upgrade, any changes made in the Custom Colors panel cannot be saved.

    Hope that clarifies things! :)



    Sorry to be contrary, but I tested it this morning. I changed the colour scheme twice with Twenty-Fourteen on my test blog (which has no upgrades). It saved, and when I viewed the blog it displayed the new colour scheme rather than the default black with green highlights the theme initially loads with.

    See here:

    The first four colour sets (marked featured) allow this and from the fifth one on it gives the message that you must buy the upgrade to continue.



    I stand corrected! Looks like the Twenty Fourteen theme does allow you to choose a featured color palette and save it. Thanks for pointing that out!



    No problem :)


    @kokkieh and @druesome..

    So it is the first 4 color schemes offered that are changeable?

    Strange, as I swore I was able to use a different color scheme, save it,
    and have it published with the new colors.

    Were you able to test this out? Or was it only those 4 colors. Of which I never tried as it was clearly stated within the themes which color schemes were changeable without an upgrade.

    I went ahead with another theme after no solving the 2014 theme, but I may be willing to test it out to see how it looks.

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