Twenty Ten & Sandbox 1.6.1. Themes: more tips please!

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    Hi! I’m using twenty ten in my new blog and quite happy with it—for now, though will probably want to change it once everybody else is using it as well. In the meantime, I’ve looked over the test blog and picked up what I could but is there another thread somewhere for extra tips & tricks?

    Also I am using Sandbox 1.6.1. for which I want to customize to my liking once I figure out CSS… might take a while. In the meantime I’ve found a few sites where there are child themes (?) all based on Sandbox, but still haven’t found one that really works for me, so I’m still searching for that almost perfect theme that I could just tweak a bit. If you can give me links to other places I have overlooked for more child themes, would be appreciated.

    FYI, a few features I am looking for:

    • Ability to fully customize header and change it frequently, also different headers on different pages
    • Main column no less than 650 pixels
    • possibility of 2 sidebars, i.e. left & right (which can be removed for specific posts) for a centred column
    • 3-4 widget areas at footer
    • Ability to add font styles & families within the same post.

    There’s lots more but those are the main ones for now. Again, not expecting anyone here to give me all this info, these are just guidelines to let you know more or less what I’m looking for in case you can point me in the right direction.


    The blog I need help with is



    p.s. Another important feauture I left out is ability to show full size images and/or thumbnails on home page as this is a visual arts blog!



    There is no directory of CSS skins for Sandbox 1.6.1. Those who have paid to create their own skins based on the themes they are using may wish to share them and may post to this thread.

    I did a Google search on the CSS customization forum and got zero results for this specific string: “CSS skins Sandbox 1.6.1”



    I did another search but omitted “1.6” from the search string above and got these results >

    Then I did another search for this string : “CSS skins Sandbox” and got these results



    I did more searching for CSS skins for Sandbox 1.6.1 for Twenty Ten but came up empty which isn’t really surprising as it was released only a couple of weeks ago.

    Now I’m letting you know that I have flagged this thread for you so our Moderators will move it to the CSS Forum.

    There is no Staff support for CSS editing and we have only a couple of Volunteers who help with it. It’s usually devblog who does volunteer and this is a link to a post he indicates others ought to read before beginning >



    That’s great, thanks timethief. :-)

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