Twenty Ten, Categories… I dislike the "Read more…"

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    When I travel through my blog with the menu and categories, the list of latest articles have a “Read more…” which will give me access to the full article.

    Simple question…

    Can I set it up so, that my readers see also the full articles even if they go through the menus and categories?

    The blog I need help with is



    No: you need to switch to a different theme.


    Ok not good as I like the twenty ten theme pretty much. Well then I must take it as it is :)



    Try the Settings button and then ‘reading’ (reading settings though)
    Is the setting for each article “full text” or “summary” ??
    When it is in summary then put it to full text and I think your problem is solved


    Thanks for the idea canteclaer. But I have tried it already and it seems that this option is only for the feeds. It does not change the categories or menus to full text.

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