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    When I selected this theme is was because there was a color background behind the text. However now that I am using it there is no color and it is a huge white blob. I’ve searched the dashboard over and over for a solution and found nothing. I’ve sent 2 email requests but have only received auto responses that never responds to the answers I give. Is anyone else experiencing this, or have a solution?

    The blog I need help with is



    mbgrip, are you referring to the light blue background color in the screenshot of the first post seen in this announcement post? (The post title The Great Wave of Kanagawa has a blue background.)

    If so, that is a special style in Twenty Ten for “sticky” posts (what is a sticky post?). Normal posts and page do not have that blue background color, since it’s used to call out special posts that you’d like to highlight.



    Oh boo to that… Ok roger that it will only show on sticky posts, a little dissapointing for sure. But thanks for letting me know!



    You’re welcome. :)



    To follow up on this: How does one remove/change the Twenty Ten sticky posts blue highlight?

    I tried using <div but it still leaves a border (

    Alternatively, how do I change this blue into another color?

    In my view this blue tone jars with the main image (which, like everything else in that theme, is just great).




    As explained above, the blue background is because it is a “sticky”.

    Once you unmark it as a sticky, the background reverts to the usual white. If you want it to be something else, you can use a DIV tag around your Post content, but you can’t change the color of the sticky without a paid CSS upgrade.



    As mentioned above you would need to use the paid CSS upgrade to change the sticky post colour. Go to Appearance > Edit CSS and place the code below into the text field, then check the “add to existing” toggle and preview the changes. Obviously you can change the colour with your own hex code if you like. If you feel like the changes are worth the upgrade price then you can make it permanent.

    .home .sticky, .home .sticky div {background-color:#cfdfcf!important;}

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